Local Spotlight: Divorce Culture, Jacksonville’s New Punk Prodigies

Hailing from my hometown of Fleming Island, local punk band Divorce Culture has turned the focus to themselves and declared that they are a new force to be reckoned with in the Jacksonville scene.

The band, which formed over a year ago under a different moniker, really started to pick up their presence this past October, according to Brian Paulin, Divorce Culture front-man, manager and head writer.

Paulin said via email that he was always interested in punk, post-hardcore, pop-punk and metal music, but it wasn’t until he graduated high school that he decided to start a band of his own. Initially, things didn’t take off for Paulin and his former band mate.

“We had a really rough start and nothing was really going our way for almost 8 months until I went through a really rough breakup and put all my anxiety and depression into writing and ended up writing the song New Phone, Who Dis? From there I realized the song had potential and I started writing more,” Paulin wrote.

His original bandmate ended up leaving the group as he was unable to make the commitment that Paulin was. Now, Divorce Culture exists and it consists of Paulin and a new group of mates that make the chaotic sound you hear on their BandCamp site today.

Paulin, along with Tyler Mobely, the drummer and co-writer, Garrett Corfield guitarist and co-writer and Brysen Allen, bassist and mascot, have launched themselves onto the Jacksonville music scene and have five shows currently lined up.

”The sound I end up creating is hard for me to describe. If anything I’d have to say if Beartooth, Stray From The Path and Rotting Out all somehow had a baby and then throw in some modern pop punk/grunge and that’d be us,” Paulin said of Divorce Culture’s sound.

So far, Divorce Culture has played one show with two local indie bands. Paulin said the show was mainly played for friends and family of all of the bands.

“Their reactions were priceless. You could tell almost all of them weren’t into any sort of heavy punk or hardcore but they all really enjoyed themselves and the energy we put on. Hell, one of the bartenders loved it so much he opened up a pit during Brainwashed,” Paulin wrote.

Divorce Culture prides themselves on the fact that they aren’t concerned with “fitting in” within the scene, but rather having an outlet for themselves and for those who listen to their music.

“The music itself I think is really raw and that’s what I like about it most. I’m not afraid to write about any sort of topic honestly. It may be a hobby for the most part but it’s a huge passion and the music I write is the best weapon towards social injustices … As a band, though, we don’t try to fit in per say, we just go and play shows and meet people and have a good time. We don’t care about having the biggest gauges or wearing the coolest band tee’s and wearing all black, only all black, and sometimes really really dark grey. That’s kinda lame if you ask me,” Paulin wrote.

Divorce Culture can be seen at their upcoming show on Dec. 7 at the Birdhouse.


“Divorce Culture is just a small time hardcore/punk band trying to write music about things we feel that matter. We’re just trying to show the scene and people a good time and some love. We may write and play really angry music but we’re really nice guys who just love to play music and love to put on a fun and bada** show,” Paulin wrote.

You can find Divorce Culture on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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