Knuckle Puck and Sorority Noise Advocate Mental Health on Fall Tour


Knuckle Puck at 1904 Music Hall in Jacksonville

Knuckle Puck headed out for their first ever headlining tour this fall and brought along Sorority Noise, Head North and Seaway.

The tour ends today, but I attended the stop in Jacksonville on Nov. 11 at 1904 Music Hall, where the bands electrified the stage and captured the audience in a huge show for Knuckle Puck.

I could review the show, and let me tell you, it was a great one. But, something else happened on this tour that seemed significant. It seemed like something that few other tours have truly done.

This tour brought out the charity Hope for the Day which encouraged fans to come speak to a representative of the organization if they were feeling any sort of thoughts in their head that they couldn’t control.

Sorority Noise opened up their song Using with a speech about how the band’s front man, Cameron Boucher, used music as a release from his manic depression, but that nothing would have been possible without help.

Boucher told the crowd that he had lost too many friends to suicide and he would work to try to stop it.

Hope for the Day was present at the show and fans could have an outlet to speak with someone if they needed to get help.

Knuckle Puck even teamed up with the organization and offered an exclusive t-shirt which provided 100 percent of its proceeds to suicide prevention and mental health education projects done through Hope for the Day.

Check out Knuckle Puck and Sorority Noise over on the band’s websites and try to catch them on an upcoming tour.

For more information on Hope for the Day, you can visit their website.


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