5 Alternative Bands You Should be Listening To

In the alternative and pop-punk scene, it is easy to write bands off as a cliché. It happens all the time, but I am here to offer you three bands that you may have written off. These bands have talent that is different from any other bands you will encounter. They have all made this list due to their originality and unique sound.

  1. Twenty One Pilots

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love Twenty One Pilots. I believe in them as a band, but mostly I believe in how they remain unpredictable. Consistently, this band changes the music game and creates art that cannot be reckoned with.

With their 2015 release, Blurryface, the band has proven to be more than a few catchy melodies. The lyrics are still just as dark as they were on Vessel, but now we have beats and sounds that connect with the words.

For the first time, we have the complete opposite: a song about love. With Tear in My Heart, the band released a happy, beautiful representation of front man Tyler Joseph’s love for his new wife.

Blurryface is a force that few saw coming. If there is any question as to why you should listen to Twenty One Pilots, watch a live video and become acquainted with how the band mesmerizes a crowd. Or, simply watch Josh Dun bring the drums to life.

  1. The Maine

One thing I look for in a great band is progression. If a band released the same album over and over, they tend to fall off of my radar. The Maine can be easily written off due to their pop roots and catchy tunes, but the band is much more than that.

With each album, the band improves and connects with fans on a new level. I feel as though I am listening to the story of how I grew up as I move through The Maine’s discography.

With their most recent release, American Candy, The Maine shook the ground of what they have been doing in past years. The Maine proves that they are more than a pop band with a few good hooks.

The lyrics and vocals that pour from John O’Callaghan are unprecedented. This band creates magic and never stops working. Seriously: if this band isn’t touring, they are recording.

The Maine does not stop. They will continue to change the face of music and create a connection with fans in years to come.

  1. Sorority Noise

After seeing the band on tour with Knuckle Puck, I wondered why I never gave them a proper listen before. Sorority Noise is a new band to me, but I feel as though their music is underrated.

After a first listen, if you aren’t captivated by the quirky sounds that pour out of your speakers, you need to adjust your volume.

This band has talent that doesn’t compare to anything you can hear in traditional punk. Sure, they are vaguely reminiscent of Modern Baseball and bands with those similar sounds, but Sorority Noise offers deep, personal ballads in addition to their thrashing hits.


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